Flutie Flakescast

Chris Berman, Eddie George & NFL Draft/Aaron Rodgers Drama

Episode Summary

On this episode of the FlakesCast, Doug Flutie is joined by two of his longtime friends: ESPN's Chris Berman and Heisman Trophy Winner Eddie George. He talks to Chris about what's he been up to in semi-retirement, his thoughts on the NFL Draft and how the new QBs will fit with their teams and the legendary story of how he influenced Doug's drop kick. Then Eddie joins the show...or should we call him Coach George....because he's the brand new head coach of the Tennessee State Tigers football program. They discuss why he took that job, what acting and coaching have in common, what's next for the team and Heisman Trophy memories. Doug also gives his thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers drama in Green Bay and why he loves Mac Jones on the Patriots.